Tabor & Zach {Wedding at Coors Field}

This couple is pretty awesome people!

Tabor is wonderful, funny and she's the kind of girl who can hold her own. I absolutely ADORE her! Plus she works with my husband and helps keeps him sane at work. I can tell days that she's not there because once in a great while, after he's been home for a bit, I wouldn't mind sending him back. AND if that didn't all make her wonderful enough - she walked down the aisle in teal chucks! Let's face it, #1 teal is my favorite color and #2 chucks are my favorite shoes (although I ruined my last ones standing in an extra nasty pond for some killer shots and need to replace them ASAP).

Zach is equal in his greatness. He's like my husband, pretty laid back, go with the flow kind of guy. AND he works at the Butterfly Pavillion, helping out and not minding little kids pestering him with questions. Any guy who can tell kids over and over again ALL DAY not to actually touch the butterflies and NOT lose his schmidt after 8 hours is a guy who rocks!

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