Mehendi Celebration!

 As a photographer I am fortunate enough to photograph so many things I would never otherwise have the opportunity to witness. Last night was one of those nights! My very first Mehendi Celebration....eek! I'm sure I looked like a little kid, walking around with a goofy grin on my face, marveling at all the colors and beauty. I was soaking in the culture and taking pictures of everything in sight! It is safe to say, I was in photographer heaven.

 I'll do my best to explain a Mehendi. It is a custom from India that celebrates an upcoming wedding. It is a day full of laughter, music, dance and every color of the rainbow.

 The bride to be wears an elaborate gown and has help getting ready. She then waits patiently for her groom to arrive...

 While she is getting ready, family and friends are preparing the celebration location with handmade foods, beautiful henna platters and a seat of honor...

 Once word comes that the groom has arrived, the bride is then escorted to her seat of honor...

 The groom is then escorted to take his seat beside his bride...

There is a procession of loved ones who carry the ornate plates and place them at the bride and groom's feet.

 Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are then placed on the happy couple. Shortly after family and friends are then encouraged to approach the seat of honor. Edible items are placed in leaf plates in the couple's palms and they are hand fed the bite size treats. This is the time for everyone to congratulate the couple and share a private moment with them...

 All the while, women and children in traditional dresses, gather on blankets placed before the couple. During this time, songs are sung in celebration.

 Once the ceremonial portion has ending, there is a dinner hour (with THE BEST lamb/ground hamburger kabobs I have ever eaten!!!!!) - much like a western wedding reception....

I enjoyed myself immensely and I absolutely cannot wait for Friday to come so I can celebrate Zahra and Tawseef's wedding day with them! I even ordered my very first Pakistani dress to wear and a Tunic for Dave. Don't worry, Zahra said it was perfectly acceptable and I want an excuse to look as vibrant and beautiful as all the women I met last night.....   ;)

Fabio & Moon {Wedding}

Last week I was lucky enough to photography Fabio and Moon's wedding ceremony. We had a break in the rain for a few outdoor pictures even!

Jaena's Sweet 16!

It's not everyday a young girl turns 16 but when she does, a party is in order! Happy Sweet 16 Jaena - may every birthday be as special! 

Gotcha' Day!!!!!!

What is Gotcha' Day? 
Well, if you have children in your home between the ages of 7ish-tweens, chances
are you've heard the phrase on Disney's popular show "Jessie". Basically the show is centered around a clueless but funny nanny named Jessie, who is constantly chasing after her 4 charges. Three of whom are adopted. Now absent parental figures aside, it's one of the shows I can tolerate listening to while my
children like to turn their brains off.

Believe it or not, there are lessons to be found in this show (like be nice to your siblings!) but please don't
tell my children, then I'll get stuck listening to something worse...  ;) In one episode, the household is celebrating the youngest child's "Gotcha' Day" or the anniversary of her adoption. I guess the term Gotcha' Day stuck with me because when I was photographing these incredibly adorable kiddos, adoption day - I remembered the term, and in complete copyright violation - I used it (Dear Disney - please don't sue me. It's a cute phrase that should be passed around and my kids love your stuff). 

Happy Gotcha' Day kiddos!!!!!

I had never been to an adoption proceeding before and I have to tell you, it is impossible NOT to cry. I didn't know the story behind how these three wonderful kiddos found their forever homes, but their past doesn't matter - what matters, is their future. A future that will now be filled with love, happiness and kindness. The future they deserve and a future that will last a lifetime...

Thank you so much for having me as your photographer. Friday is day that I will never forget and I am blessed to have witnessed it. ♥

Tabor + Zach = 3!

Eeek! I can't wait for this little one to arrive! I knew Zach and Tabor would be
wonderful parents and I'm ready to see the cuteness they've created!

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