Jaena's Sweet 16!

It's not everyday a young girl turns 16 but when she does, a party is in order! Happy Sweet 16 Jaena - may every birthday be as special! 

Gotcha' Day!!!!!!

What is Gotcha' Day? 
Well, if you have children in your home between the ages of 7ish-tweens, chances
are you've heard the phrase on Disney's popular show "Jessie". Basically the show is centered around a clueless but funny nanny named Jessie, who is constantly chasing after her 4 charges. Three of whom are adopted. Now absent parental figures aside, it's one of the shows I can tolerate listening to while my
children like to turn their brains off.

Believe it or not, there are lessons to be found in this show (like be nice to your siblings!) but please don't
tell my children, then I'll get stuck listening to something worse...  ;) In one episode, the household is celebrating the youngest child's "Gotcha' Day" or the anniversary of her adoption. I guess the term Gotcha' Day stuck with me because when I was photographing these incredibly adorable kiddos, adoption day - I remembered the term, and in complete copyright violation - I used it (Dear Disney - please don't sue me. It's a cute phrase that should be passed around and my kids love your stuff). 

Happy Gotcha' Day kiddos!!!!!

I had never been to an adoption proceeding before and I have to tell you, it is impossible NOT to cry. I didn't know the story behind how these three wonderful kiddos found their forever homes, but their past doesn't matter - what matters, is their future. A future that will now be filled with love, happiness and kindness. The future they deserve and a future that will last a lifetime...

Thank you so much for having me as your photographer. Friday is day that I will never forget and I am blessed to have witnessed it. ♥

Tabor + Zach = 3!

Eeek! I can't wait for this little one to arrive! I knew Zach and Tabor would be
wonderful parents and I'm ready to see the cuteness they've created!

Tiny Baby T

This little guy made his entrance earlier than expected, but I think it's just because he couldn't wait to meet everyone!

Greg & Laura's Wedding!

We started the day with rain, lots of it. Venues were moved and redone, 
everything was redecorated and it was just perfect!

The truth is, when the wedding doesn't go according to plan - those ones rock!
Every guest, parent, bridesmaid and groomsman comes together in an unbelievable showing of love.
Everyone scrambles, comes up with a plan and just makes it happen.

Usually guests attend a wedding, congratulate the couple and agree they are "meant to be together forever" and they are. But when the weather doesn't cooperate or something else drastic occurs, it makes your wedding unforgettable and so very full of love and they are truly wonderful to witness.

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