Gavin is turning 1!!!!

Ahhhhh, he reminds me of a kewpie doll or cherub angel. Either way he's incredibly adorable!!!!! ;)

Tiny Baby M {Just 2 Weeks New}

Sigh..... so tiny and sweet and barely a squeak! It's a good thing I decided a long time ago my baby days were over because this little gal could "almost" make me reconsider.........almost but not really. ;)

Brody is Turning 4!!!!

This little guy has been coming to me his WHOLE life and gosh he's turning into a fun little person!

And just for fun, here he is as a tiny little guy. ;)

Martinez Family

You've probably seen my friend J on here before or on my old website or even on my Facebook. She is one of my oldest friends - over 20 years actually. We met in the 6th grade when I moved to Northglenn, CO. She used to live in Northglenn and attended the school I had just started at and we met at my very first boy/girl party and my very first "spin the bottle"

A month or so later we figured out there was only one house between ours and her grandma's and have been friends ever since. Photographing her and her family is always such a treat. Everyone has such fun, dynamic personalities and I'm always treated like family......  ;)

Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
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