2.5 Years In The Making

This has been a long time coming! 2.5 years to be exact!!!!!! You see I THOUGHT I'd be a great blogger so I set one up and have been paying the monthly fee for years even. At one point (back in in ummmm 2010 apparently judging from the last blog entry) this was linked back to my fancy shmancy website that cost a small fortune. Then I remembered I never actually blog and didn't update it so I removed the link and this has sat ignored for almost 3 years.

Now I'm at a stage where I have a few hours on my hands and decided to do a website overhaul and want things simple. No music, no scrolling flip screens to make your computer run like a dinosaur and mobile device friendly. All of which my website no longer fits the need. That folks, brings me back to the beginning - blogging/website.

So on that note - welcome to the new look! From now on sneak peeks will be posted on the blog portion of this website (there will still be sneak peeks on Facebook as well), you can use the contact tab to shoot me an email and proofs can be found under Recent Sessions! Proofs will still be watermarked for internet safety reasons but you'll now receive a 4 digit pin (much like a debit card) to download your sneak peeks and you may use them for all online social media reasons. Please remember they have been "shrunk" to fit the internet so they aren't fit for printing but you can still use them for profile pictures and such.

For just a little while you will need to phone or email me your orders but soon you will be able to get back to ordering those online as well! :)

Now I wouldn't be much of a photographer if I didn't leave you with at least one picture right? How about a cute puppy to help with the shock of the new site?  ;)


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