Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady!

Ladies come to me for an Ooh La La (boudoir) session for all kinds of reasons:
1. It's a gift for him - wedding, V-day, Xmas or Bday
2. They just broke free from him and want to remember they're still desirable
3. Finally ready to date again and having some semi racy shots of themselves help in the online scene
4. They've worked hard to lose weight and are proud of themselves (as you should be ladies)
And Lastly..........
5. Just for them! They aren't giving them to a guy - heck they might not ever even SHOW a guy but they need or want to feel pretty. To see themselves in a way others see them but unless they live in a 360 degree mirrored world, they never get to see themselves look this way.

This pretty lady - her birthday is coming up and this was her present to herself! How awesome is that?!?! Out of all the "things" in the world she could have chosen, she chose to have ME shoot her Ooh La La session!

Happy Birthday to an amazing woman! May you have 100 more!!!!!!!!!

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