LOTS of Fish!

 So funny story.....

Mollies have live births. We're not surprised by this. We've had mollies in our fish tank off and on for years. They mate, two or three babies arrive miraculously in the tank and then sadly within two weeks, the parents go to the ocean courtesy of the "Flush Express".  I don't know if the mollie life cycle that happens in our tank, happens in all tanks or just ours but it's happened several times over 10 years around here.

In fact, last month we had three mollies. The "Orangesicle" kind according to the guy at the fish store.

Sadly, one went to the ocean for unknown reasons. About 2 weeks later, another needed to ride on the "Flush Express" after our cat Tiger needed a snack. Another week went by and there were 6 tiny mollies swimming around in our tank. Today - 2 are still with us.

We don't really know what happened to their 4 siblings, one day they were there, the next they weren't.

Tonight, my oldest son was shocked to find our tank like this!

Once we realized how many mouths there were to feed, we fed them again so please excuse the flakes from their dinner. These little guys weren't there when I turned on the light and fed them this morning but boy, they sure are tonight!

Fun fact, these guys, will eat the little guys..........

Apparently, they're yummy - he ate 2 after these were taken...... I think we know where the siblings went now. If I start begging people to take baby fish soon, we'll know the algae eater got full! Until then, they're kind of cute and hopefully a handful will make it through the next few weeks..........

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