NGHS 2014 Prom

Prom is a magical time. A dance in which you're almost an adult. You're allowed to stay out later than normal. There's usually dinner, lots of friends and sparkles galore. If you're a girl, you're usually waiting for just the right time to ditch the heels while the guys wait for the magical coat check where they can leave their suit or tux jacket. Memories are made and laughter is to be had and sometimes a few tears are shed.

It's the final dance for the seniors and a chance to say good-bye. The junior class shows off their fundraising skills and a few lucky underclassmen are invited by their older peers.

It's a time us mom's realize just how grown our babies are and look into the future of who they will become. We spend the day running in circles wanting their night to be just perfect and we spend our night crossing our fingers our "not so little children" are making the right choices. Eventually the sun rises and we all become a little Cinderella like as we emerge bleary eyed and tired but full of memories.....

Sands of Time Photos. All rights reserved. © Maira Gall.