We were given a dog.....

Well, begged to take him really. A friend of ours has had him since he was 8 weeks old and as he has gotten older, he's grown bigger and her health has declined. Kids are well, kids and not so good about walking an incredibly huge lab with 1 year old puppy energy and NO MANNERS. Eventually she just couldn't keep him any longer. She knew our little Muttley dog went to wait on the Rainbow Bridge two weeks prior and asked us to please take Dakota.

I was hesitant. We had already agreed (ahem *Dave*) that Brody was going to be the ONLY dog. Brody is huge and can be a handful. That movie, "Marley and Me" - yeah that's Brody....lol. Technically Dave isn't all to blame. I could have not told him she called and asked. I could have left out the part he's a black lab, papered and all. Really, I could have just said NO but, I'm a softie and I know there's no way she could handle a lab. A gigantic, chicken butt, scared of everything, lab. Sooooooo, we got a lab. A big doofus, goofy lab named Dakota.

In the 19 days he's been with us, he's had to learn what being a pampered dog is. He's no longer bored outdoors with only the squirrels in the trees to occupy him. He has learned the dogs on the TV are not actually in the other room and we don't have to bark back at them. He has learned what a cat is, a fish tank and that the fish tank light being turned on or off isn't so scary after all. Learning to sit, stay and wait have been a process. Not a completed process yet but still a process. He's working on walking on a leash, not darting out the door or barking at company but at least he's no longer afraid of going in the car or kids all over the house. I'm hoping he'll get used to the cats soon........ Poor Minx and Tiger have been hiding out downstairs for days now. :/

But we're getting there. It's a slow going process but really there's been lots of progress in only 19 short days. He's a doofus and a goof but he seems to fit in well here and I'll be stocking up on dog treats and chew toys for awhile I'm sure. ;)

And here's a picture of Big Bad Brody also because you know, he was sitting pretty too - there were treats and all.  ;)

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